Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) EMS monitors environmental factors like light, sound, temperature, humidity, power, water leakage, airflow, smoke and much more. It keeps detailed records of those factors with a live...

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Iris Recognition Solution

              Dual Iris Scanner [button link=”http://bioenabletech.com/downloads/brochures/BioEnable-Iris-Solutions.pdf” variation=”darkgrey”]Download Brochure [/button] Dual  Iris Scanner is a compact USB biometric device used to Iris capture and Iris recognition.   Features Scans 2 eyes at a time in split second Exceed...

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Aadhaar Solution

                    BioEnable is a leading supplier of certified Aadhaar based devices & software solution eNBioScan-C1 – STQC Certified Single Fingerprint Scanner [button link=”http://bioenabletech.com/downloads/brochures/Aadhaar%20Solutions.pdf” variation=”black”]Download Brochure[/button] Certified for Authentication projects Elegant design with adjustable finger guide Scratch...

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Passport Seva Project

  The Passport Seva Project aims [quote]To deliver Passport-related services to the Indian citizens in a timely, transparent and accessible manner. In a comfortable environment through streamlined processes and well trained &...

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Goverment Identification India

Civil Identification

Introduction :- Civil Identification For national security and preventing fraud, governments need a dependable identification system and they can get this by using multi-biometric recognition solutions. Examples of such solutions include:   National/State...

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