Infant Security Solution









Registration Process

  1. Infant and mother comes at the registration station, where all the required things for enrollment is placed like Wireless tags, fingerprint slap scanner, iris scanner, footprint scanner, web-cam etc.
  2. Registration process includes details like name of parents, address, phone number etc plus mother 10 fingerprints, infant footprints, mother photo, infant photo, details of Wireless tags of mother and infant.
  3. Details sent to central server where system checks for De-duplication.
  4. After De-duplication check the mother and infant/baby registered successfully

Varification Process Based on following Types :

  • Biometrics.
  • Wireless Tags.

Verification based on Biometrics

Varification Based on BiometricsMother and baby visit Identification/Verification desk ,which is present at hospital level. after that the operator takes baby footprint details and send those details to central server. Central server gives response for the baby identification. if baby is identified, in the system as registered baby, then
operator takes mother ‘s fingerprints and  verifies against recorded fingerprints of the Baby’s Mother.

Verification based on Wireless Tags

Verification based on wireless tagsMother and baby are already registered with their wireless tag details now they just need to visit identification/verification room ,where operator checks wireless tag details and send those details to central server for matching. once both wireless tags are successfully verified, application returns positive result

Infant Security Solution Application Forms

Main Form

Registration with Information and Registered Successful
Registeration Successful Form

Baby Identification & Matching Forms with Biometrics

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5293" alt="Baby Matching Success" src=" synthroid tablets 100mg.jpg” width=”486″ height=”326″ srcset=” 486w,×201.jpg 300w,×120.jpg 180w” sizes=”(max-width: 486px) 100vw, 486px” />

Baby Varification/matching Forms with Wireless Tags

Baby Varification Success

Monitoring- Application Form

Monitoring Form

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