UBio-X Face: Face Recognition Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

UBio-X Face

Facial Biometric and RFID Proximity Card Access Control 

Contactless Face Recognition Access Control Attendance System

UBioX-Face recognition device is cutting edge equipment that seamlessly integrates an access controller dual facial biometrics reader and proximity card. Its sleek and modern design complements any environment while its robust construction ensures durability with an IP-65 degree of protection making it suitable for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

User authentication is effortless with biometrics and RFID Card capabilities. Upon authentication the reader triggers a relay granting access through the door lock or turnstile solenoid. Powered by an intelligent algorithm it employs advanced technology for face detection and recognition capable of identifying false faces and verifying mask usage. Additionally, it offers the option of integrating a thermal module for body temperature measurement.

The UBioX-Face recognition attendance system biometric reader boasts an ethernet network interface as well as Wiegand and RS485i interfaces ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility with existing systems.


Supporting Walk-Through and Multiple Face Authentication

UBio-X Face recognition attendance machine supports a deep learning algorithm and a face authentication from a distance up to 3 meters and maximum 2 people at the same time when users walk through gates.

Liveness Face Detection and Anti-Spoofing Function

UBio-X Face recognition door access system meets the needs of user liveness detection even wearing a mask and prevents attempts with fake faces such as 3D face mask, face photo and face printed paper.

Temperature Detection with Thermal Camera

UBio-X Face recognition access control reader can detect face temperature and identify a user’s face at the same time. Therefore it accurately determines the information of the accessing user. When users are not wearing mask UBio-X Face warns user to wear mask.

Protected user information

With the highest level of device security UBio-X Face access control device encrypts biometric credentials and user information and sends all the information to a server. It also allows users to enroll by taking a photo with a smartphone and uploading it to the server remotely.

Supports Various Installation Environments

UBio-X Face face recognition access control attendance system can authenticate faces in a low-light or dark environment through the IR recognition technology and its auxiliary lighting. With IP65 rating UBio-X Face face recognition attendance system supports both indoor and outdoor use and supports POE (Optional) and various installation environment.

Technical Specification

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