Enterprise ID Solutions

Enterprise ID Solutions


Biometric authentication is nowadays considered a necessity in almost every organization around the globe, and Identity Management System plays an important role while deploying and maintaining the authentication systems in such security conscious organizations.

By implementing an effective Information Management Solution in an organization, enterprises can easily monitor and keep a track of various staff and visitor related information that can be stored in the database. This information can be easily retrieved in case it needs to be referred for any legal purposes or analysis.

Some major benefits that organizations can have by implementing Identity Management Solution include:


With the help of Identity Management Solution, many government or non-government organizations can maintain proper records of the candidates who had appeared for the interviews conducted by them. With the help of such records, the organizations can verify if the person had ever appeared for the interview earlier, was the candidate rejected or selected, etc. Such records of the candidates also contain date and time at which the candidate appeared for the previous interview. In case no previous records are found, organizations can know that the candidate has never appeared for the interview before.

Time and Attendance

A complete and effective Identity Management Solution comprises of the devices that help organizations identify their employees and maintain their attendance on a regular basis. The devices that are involved in such solutions can be fingerprint scanners, palm vein scanners, etc. Since these devices are capable of maintaining proper records of the attendances of the employees, it becomes easier for the administration to calculate the employees’ overall remuneration at the end of every week/month.

Access Control

Almost every organization today as some sensitive information that it cannot afford to lose, or let it get exposed to unauthorized or inappropriate people. Identity Management Solution helps such organizations maintain their security by allowing access to sensitive data only to the authorized individuals. In order to authorize people to access sensitive information, Identity Management Solution uses biometric identification systems that authenticate users and validate their identity.

Visitor Management

Since the nowadays organizations have become more security conscious, they keep record of every individual that visits their premises. With the help of efficiently implemented Identity Management Solution, organizations can easily maintain digital records of every visitor and store their data in the database. The stored data can be retrieved easily in case crosscheck is required.



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