Consumer Identification

Consumer Identification

Consumer Identification Introduction

Biometric provides the solution for consumers’ identification by protecting their assets and enhancing the quality and productivity of life.

Banking ID – Consumer Identification Solution

By incorporating biometrics in banking sector, consumers can now rely upon the banks without concerning about their accounts. Reason behind this is that ATM pin or internet banking accounts and passwords are now used to increase the level of security.

Healthcare ID – Consumer Identification Solution

In hospitals biometric solution helps in identifying patients and maintaining health history records. Healthcare ID uses multi-biometric technologies to verify the patients’ identification of different divisions and the drugs that they are taking. Moreover, it also helps in accessing patients’ medical history and previous treatment records centrally.

Retail ID – Consumer Identification Solution

Retail ID solution is now used vastly in retail sectors that help in improving security and customer satisfaction. Through biometric recognition in retail, customers’ identity can easily be verified while processing financial transactions.

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