Border Control Security Solutions

Border control security solutions 

Introduction – Border control security solutions

Through Biometrics integrated ID cards and e-passports, international travel and trade can be secured from criminal activities. BioEnable offer Border control security solutions based on biometric, smart cards, RFID & image analysis technologies. 

 E-Passport – Border control security solutions

E-passports contain biometric information about the authenticity of passport holder on the attached chip. This identification solution is now adopted by many companies, which enables them to check the travel documents more accurately.

 eGate Solution – Border control security solutions

eGate Solution is a facial and fingerprint recognition technology which is used to monitor people entering and exiting from the gates.

 Register Travellers – Border control security solutions

Register Travellers program is used in screening and registration of travelers at airports and railway stations that travel frequently. With the help of this program, security check time can be lessened and travelers can arrive faster and securely to the gates.

 Blacklist Screening

Biometric helps in securing borders from terrorist through multi-biometric 1:n identification search against criminal activities.

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