Iris Recognition Solutions

A Secure and Efficient Identification Technology

Iris Recognition Solutions: The Future of Secure and Convenient Authentication

Empowering Security and Efficiency with Iris Recognition

Discover the transformative power of iris recognition technology, the ultimate solution for reliable and user-friendly authentication across industries. Bioenable Technologies provides cutting-edge single and dual iris scanners, designed to elevate your security systems and streamline processes.

Unmatched Accuracy and Speed

Our state-of-the-art iris recognition solutions are engineered for precision and performance. We utilize advanced image acquisition and processing for exceptional detail, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in identification. Experience lightning-fast matching speeds that optimize efficiency, even with vast user databases.


Iris recognition empowers a wide range of sectors:

Government: Secure borders, streamline citizen ID programs, enhance public safety.

Finance: Reduce fraud, protect sensitive financial transactions.

Healthcare: Manage patient identity, control access to restricted areas.

Commercial: Safeguard facilities, intellectual property, and high-value assets.

The Dual Iris Scanner revolutionizes secure identification with its compact USB design and advanced iris capture technology. This innovative dual iris scanner allows for simultaneous scanning of both irises in a fraction of a second, ensuring a swift and user-friendly experience. The STQC certified dual iris scanner for Aadhaar surpasses industry standards by capturing high-resolution iris images that meet ISO/IEC 19794-6 specifications, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy in recognition. Furthermore, STQC certification signifies the dual iris recognition scanner's reliability and suitability for government projects in India demonstrating its commitment to the highest security standards.

The IriShield MK 2120UL stands out as a highly compact single iris scanner that seamlessly captures iris images. As a leading single iris device in the market, it sets a new standard for reliability and performance in iris recognition technology. 

Ideal for various applications, this single eye scanner serves as a trusted iris scanner biometric device offering unmatched security and efficiency. With its USB connectivity, the USB single iris scanner ensures effortless integration and seamless operation. Experience the future of biometric authentication with the Single iris scan device setting new benchmarks in accuracy and reliability.

The IriUniverse One Iris Scanner is an advanced single iris scanner, offering unparalleled efficiency in capturing iris biometrics images. 

Operating at high speed, the device produces iris images that meet ISO standards, guaranteeing reliability and accuracy. Both the subject and the operator benefit from the efficiency and performance of the IriUniverse One. As a leading single iris device in the market, it sets new standards for simplicity, speed and accuracy. Ideal for various applications this single eye scanner offers a seamless and reliable solution for iris biometrics imaging.

The IriUniverse - Two Dual Iris Scanner is a binoculars-type iris biometrics imaging device that simultaneously and quickly captures the highest quality iris images. Easy to use, the system can be reliably positioned by the subject with minimal instructions. 

The device captures dual iris images at high speed and produces images that meet ISO standards. Both the subject and the operator benefit from the IriUniverse Two, making it an ideal dual iris scanner for Aadhaar and other applications requiring dual iris recognition.

The EF-45 represents the next generation in dual iris imaging systems, boasting enhanced ease of use for subjects. It introduces an innovative and intuitive approach to user positioning, allowing subjects to view their own face on a high-resolution 5.0-inch color display. This unique display, akin to a smart phone "Selfie," aids subjects in correctly positioning themselves within the real-time graphic interface, ensuring optimal iris image capture.

Featuring auto-tilt and extended capture range capabilities, the EF-45 offers ultimate positioning flexibility, accommodating a wide range of users with varying heights and statures. Optimized for Access Control applications, it comes equipped with card reader and PIN options, providing additional layers of security.

Multi-Biometric Iris & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal, designed to revolutionize security and access control systems. With contactless iris recognition capabilities extending up to 50cm, this terminal offers unparalleled convenience and safety, ideal for various applications. 

Experience lightning-fast matching speeds for both iris and fingerprint biometrics, enhancing efficiency and security. Our terminal serves as a comprehensive iris scanner biometric solution, providing advanced iris recognition biometrics capabilities. Upgrade your security infrastructure with our cutting-edge iris recognition system, combining advanced technology with user-centric design for unparalleled performance and ease of use.

Technology: How Iris Recognition Works

Image Capture: Our scanners capture high-resolution images of the iris, the colored ring around the pupil, containing unique, complex patterns.

Feature Extraction: Algorithms isolate distinctive iris features, converting them into a digital template.

Matching: The template is compared with stored templates in a database to locate a match or verify an individual's identity.

Benefits of Iris Recognition

High Accuracy: Iris patterns are highly stable and unique, providing exceptional reliability in identification.

System Configuration