BioEnable Smart Door Locks

BioEnable Smart Door Lock - L100

 BioEnable Rim Lock - L200

16-bit Virtual Password: Utilize a 16-bit virtual password for enhanced security, with 6 to 11 correct passwords required to open the door and prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile Phone Bluetooth Lock: Convenience and intelligence of a mobile phone Bluetooth lock.

Fingerprint First: Prioritize fingerprint unlocking for a more efficient and secure access method.

Electronic Key: Send electronic keys to others, allowing them to use their phones to unlock the door after receiving the key.

Aging Password: Keep track of recorded passwords and delete them at any time as needed.

Record Checking: Easily check the access history records for added security monitoring.

BioEnable Smart Cabinet Lock - L300

BioEnable Smart Door Lock - L400

BioEnable L400 Smart Door Lock with Semiconductor Fingerprint, Mechanical Key Unlocking, USB Charging Interface, Normal Open Mode, AI Learning Algorithm

BioEnable Smart Door Lock - L500

BioEnable Smart Handle Door Lock | Bluetooth Unlock | Scramble PIN Code Security | Live Fingerprint | Mechanical Key & One Touch Reverse Lock | Long Endurance | Open Mode Free Access