BioEnable Smart Door Locks

16-bit Virtual Password: Utilize a 16-bit virtual password for enhanced security, with 6 to 11 correct passwords required to open the door and prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile Phone Bluetooth Lock: Convenience and intelligence of a mobile phone Bluetooth lock.

Fingerprint First: Prioritize fingerprint unlocking for a more efficient and secure access method.

Electronic Key: Send electronic keys to others, allowing them to use their phones to unlock the door after receiving the key.

Aging Password: Keep track of recorded passwords and delete them at any time as needed.

Record Checking: Easily check the access history records for added security monitoring.

BioEnable L400 Smart Door Lock with Semiconductor Fingerprint, Mechanical Key Unlocking, USB Charging Interface, Normal Open Mode, AI Learning Algorithm

BioEnable Smart Handle Door Lock | Bluetooth Unlock | Scramble PIN Code Security | Live Fingerprint | Mechanical Key & One Touch Reverse Lock | Long Endurance | Open Mode Free Access