Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system

Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system

Introduction – Palm Vein System

BioEnable offer Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system with advanced Touchscreen & Multimedia interface. Our Palm vein technology offer cutting edge palm vein system for wide range of applications like Patient identification, Palm vein reader for desktop with software development kit.

Palm Vein recognition technology offer several advantages like

  • Palm Vein pattern scanning under the skin

  • Highly secure Biometrics

  • Does-not get effected by skin defects or environment

  • Almost impossible to duplicate or change

Multimedia Touchscreen Palm Vein system advantages

  • Touchscreen interface like on Mobile/Tablets

  • Multi-lingual capabilities

  • Highend camera for photo capture/face recognition

  • Highspeed 1:N matching

  • Support multiple ID/RF cards

Specifications – Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system

  • Display: 12inch or higher TFT LCD Monitor

  • Touchscreen: 4-wire resistive touchscreen

  • Users: Support upto 5000 users

  • Logs: Support upto 500000 logs

Full Standing Model

Wall Mount Model

Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system is available in two models. Floor standing model offer easy installation at any location with beautiful design and colors. Wall mount model is suitable for installation specially for access control applications.

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