Face Recognition Identity Management System

Face Recognition Identity Management System


BioEnable offer Face Recognition Identity Management System capable of working on Web, Desktop & Mobile environment.

Accurate identity is necessary for Security application in Commercial, Government & Military installations. The rise in terrorist and criminal activities has made various organizations looking for latest Face recognition technologies.

Robust, Centralized and Scalable Facial Recognition Identity Management System

BioEnable Face Recognition identity management system enable organizations to to make use of high end 3D face recognition technology on Mobile, Web & existing LAN infrastructure. You can deploy it in Cloud or in your intranet server and use it for wide range of application like computer login, Entry exit systems, integrated with CCTV system and more.

This powerful combination delivers today’s most advanced facial-recognition and comparison technology to personnel in the field, providing faster and more accurate results.

Comprehensive Facial Recognition Solution

  • Powerful face recognition technology transform 2D face images into 3D and create unique Facial signature

  • it support cloud database or RDBMS database to store Face images or templates

  • Next generation search and comparison algorithms

  • Provide detailed reports and charts for tracking your database of images

Face Recognition identity management applications

We offer 2 types of applications

  • 3D Face recignition & identity management: This is a Mobile identity solution with automated facial recognition for intelligence, homeland security, military and law enforcement.

  • Face Investigation Software: This is a biometric solutions with forensic facial identity and detailed analysis applications used by law enforcement. This is used to manually compare the differences and similarities of a facial images in criminal investigations.

Face Recognition Identity management Features

  • Advanced face biometric for low resolution facial Imagery.

  • Advanced 3D facial recognition for mobile phones and web connected cameras.

  • Real-time in field ID processing.

  • Real-time watch list search.

  • Forensic analysis and comparative tools


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