Cloud Face Recognition Services

Cloud Face Recognition Services


BioEnable offer Cloud based Face Recognition services. We offer Face Enrollment Services & Face verification / identification services

We offer Open ID or Oauth based cloud API authentication for developers.

The face templates can be compared, or searched against, to compute similarity between an enrolled image or a watch list of enrolled images of people. The search against a watch list of images utilizes sophisticated indexing techniques to search against thousands of records. 

BioEnable Face Recognition Enrollment Services

BioEnable Face Recognition enrollment service allow you to submit an image containing human face for enrollment. The enrollment process involve submitting a set of 2D face images taken using a Mobile Phone or other camera . The enrollment system provide options to register other information about the individual like name, address . Detailed demographic information can be also added.

While enrollment our software analyzes the images for any human face and associates the unique identification entity with the human face, creates a face template and stores the template in a fault-tolerant, redundant, secure, and, a scalable database.

BioEnable Face Recognition Cloud Verification Services

Face verification or identification service allow you to submit a new image containing human face and match it against the existing database or against an enrolled face. The verification system provide detailed report showing similarity between different faces or an exact match. Face recognition system make use of over 12 face recognition algorithms to find the exact match for the new image submitted . In case and exact match is not found it then offers faces that may be similar to the image submitted.




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