Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions

BioEnable Offers Asset Tracking Software to simplify Asset Management, Tracking and Accounting

A typical equipment infrastructure of a hospital consists of wheel chairs, mobile beds, monitoring devices and laboratory equipment’s which is distributed across various locations. Some of these assets are shared, others require periodic maintenance and there are assets that are assigned to authorized users. Asset managers are faced with a daunting task of managing asset inventory to ensure its availability and maintain up to date inventory to meet industry compliance (JCAHO, HIPAA, FSMA and others). As medical devices takes an increasingly important role in patient care, hospitals are beginning to realize the limitations of existing asset management systems to manage these medical assets.


BioEnable Asset Tracking solution is an out-of-the-box solution that provides,

Real-time visibility of all medical assets checked-in or out of your physical area based on the hospital policies

Reduces manual tasks by automatically recording asset inventory and its usage life cycle with near seamless integration with existing asset management software

Monitor real time high value life-critical assets throughout the facility

Meet government and industry regulatory requirements with detailed audit trail

The BioEnable Asset Tracking Solution provides comprehensive Asset Visibility Reports and a dashboard with complete audit trails and accurate asset inventory – delivering the highest level of confidence in asset usage reporting and regulatory compliance.

High cost of replacing lost assets plus risk of increased liability with lost intellectual property

Cycle count and inventory audits are inefficient and error prone

Loss of productivity caused due to time spent in searching misplaced assets

Inconsistencies in asset records leads to non-compliance with various industry regulations (HIPAA, JCAHO, FSMA)

Automated check-in and out & monitoring dashboard provide real time asset visibility

Perform quick and accurate cycle count and asset inventory with RFID mobility solution

Locate missing assets quickly with greater accuracy

Complete traceability of each & every asset moving in or out of the facility



How System Works?

BioEnable’s Asset Management breaks the process into four simple and straightforward steps.


Check in Report

 Check out report

Asset Report Usage

Asset Move Report

Decomissioned Asset Report

Check In Asset Report

Reserve Asset

Archive Asset

Create Invetory

Take out Invetory Report

Create Model

Move Asset Report