Biobaby Infant Security System

BioBaby Infant Security System

The BioEnable’s BioBaby Infant Security system offers proven protection against infant abduction / theft and Swapping by centralizing the infant database. With combination of advanced Wireless technology and biometrics the system becomes highly reliable and easy to use.


Prevent un-authorized exit of Infants from the ward.

Track presence and movements of infants within the ward.

Track presence and availability of the mothers or staff with the Infants.

Monitor tampering of the security system.

Allow secure management of IN/Out movement of Infants & Mothers for different purposes


Infant Theft prevention

No Infant Swipe

Traceability for Lost children & abandoning of female child

Asset Tracking and Management.

Increase Productivity of Staff/Nurse.

Foolproof Birth Certificate System

RTLS Reader (with Controller)

Tamperproof Infant Ankle Tags

Tamper proof infant ankle tags are highly integrated mobile electronic device capable of multiple function of monitoring and security of Infants.

The tags have special security mechanism specially made for newborn infants to ensure that tags cannot be easily removed by anyone OR alerts are generated on removal.

Tags can communicate with the Real Time Location System (RTLS) Readers installed throughout the facility to provide monitoring and tracking of the Infants. They have range of communication from 10 to 20 feet depending on the system design.


Specially made for use for Infants

Compact and light weight

Multiple security mechanism to prevent removal of tags

Long range of communication with RTLS system


Allow monitoring and tracking of infants

Provide security mechanism to prevent un-authorized enter and exit of Infants

Staff/Personal Tags

The same Tags as above are used for Mother & Staff and are worn on the wrist with a wrist strap. The Tags for the Mother/Staff do not have tamper proof mechanism specially used for Infants

Asset Tag

The tag is used for asset tracking. It can be attached with different type of asset like PC,Chair, Costly equipment etc.

Tags can communicate with the Real Time Location System (RTLS) Readers installed throughout the facility to provide monitoring and tracking of your asset .

Biometric Footprint Reader 


STQC , UIDAI Aadhaar Certified




Multi-Biometric & RTLS Management System (with Display)

Multi-Biometric & RTLS Management System consist of multiple electronic hardware and software that together provide complete overview and management of the security system on single screen. It provide complete information on all the infants, mothers and staff in the ward and details of the Infants that have left the ward.

It show multiple security alerts that allow Nurses to keep and overview on the security and safety of the Infants.

Easy User Interface

Highly Customized Settings for the user convenience

Alert Management : Interactive Audible Alerts


Developed for Hospital Environment : Highly Secure, Reliable Software which comes with attractive UI which records hospital data

Low Maintenance cost

Less manual work

Alert Management : Interactive Audible Alerts

Multi-Biometric System

This system consist of a mobile workstation with Baby footprint scanner, Web camera and a complete computing system with Software to enroll Infants. It allow hospital to collect complete information about the birth, Scan biometric footprint of the Infant and Fingerprint of the mother along with Photos and create a secure biometric birth record. The details of the Tags issued to the Infants is also entered in this system.