Biometric Access Controller Solutions

NITGEN is recognized for the exceptional quality of its products, as demonstrated by the international awards and certifications received for its original fingerprint recognition technology. The company offers a wide range of hardware application products, including household door locks and access control systems, along with diverse SDKs for hardware developers. 

NITGEN has played a crucial role in promoting international standardization in the biometric application/technology industry. In line with this, the company has developed an SDK that conforms to the BioAPI international standards, marking a pioneering achievement in Korea.

BioEnable Access Control & Time Attendance Biometric Products and Solution – Introduction


Access Manager Professional Software

Access Manager Pro is a fingerprint access control solution that can manage multiple authentication servers for large business. Maximum 2,000 terminals can be managed easily by connecting them to single network and remote control function increases user convenience.

ACM Pro with USB Hamster for Centralized Enrollment

Simple Registration of Finger ID Enrollment process through Access Manager Program with following authentication modes available with simple inputs like Basic User Information, Set Authentication Type (Fingerprint + RF Card+Pasword) with OR/ AND combination and Personal Settings 

Access Controller Products