Crime And Criminals Information System (CCIS)



CCIS is an NCRB-driven program and has been launched in 1990. Since then, it has been implemented in 35 states and union territories and spans over 700 locations. Most of the State police headquarters and district headquarters are covered by CCIS and so are some of the 14,000+ police stations in the country.

CCIS is primarily an initiative to create crime- and criminals-related database that can be used for crime monitoring by monitoring agencies such as National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), State Crime Records Bureaus (SCRBx) and District Crime Records Bureaus (DCRBx) and to facilitate statistical analysis of crime and criminals related information with the States and monitoring agencies.

CCIS data is used for publishing online reports such as Missing Persons report and is also used as the basis for online query facilities that are available through the NCRB website. In addition, it is also used by NCRB to publish an annual nation-wide Crime Report. CCIS focuses exclusively in Crime and Criminals information and does not address the other aspects of Police functioning.

CCIS was originally built on Unix OS and Ingres database, but has since been ported to Windows platform and has released its last three versions on Windows (the last release having taken place in September 2002).


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