BioEnable Technologies launches newest biometric kiosks In Biometric update

BioEnable Technologies launches newest biometric kiosks – In Biometricupdate

BioEnable has announced the launch of its newest-generation Biometric Kiosks with a new range of features for identification and verification.

According to the company, this new devices includes increase memory and a large computer CPU, which combine to offer sufficient processing capabilities to support high and biometric verification or identification systems.

“This new biometric kiosk is a self-contained front-end platform, which easily installs in office spaces to perform the simultaneous capture of the face image and fingerprints,” Pradeep Bhatia, Managing Director of BioEnable Technologies said. “These new kiosks will make banking services much easier than ever before browse around these guys. We are here to make the process of banking services as speedy and painless as we can.”

Boasting simple repairs and maintenance, multilingual touch screen support and adaptability, the company suggests this kiosk can be used for application outside of the banking sector including food coupons, self-service kiosks, ticket sales, member verification systems and retail, among others.



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