Criminal identification system

Introduction – Criminal identification system

BioEnable offer wide range of Biometrics, RFID & Wireless solutions for Criminal Identification.

Availability of relevant and timely information is of utmost importance in conduct of business by Police, particularly in investigation of crime and in tracking & detection of criminals. Police organizations everywhere have been handling large amounts of information and huge volume of records pertaining to crime and criminals. Information Technology (IT) can play a very vital role in improving outcomes in the areas of Crime Investigation and Criminals Detection and other functioning of the Police organizations, by facilitating easy recording, retrieval, analysis and sharing of the pile of Information. Quick and timely information availability about different facets of Police functions to the right functionaries can bring in a sea change both in Crime & Criminals handling and related Operations, as well as administrative processes.

[quote] A biometrics based system can connect the Crime scene to the Court, and increase conviction rate.[/quote]


BioEnable offers a range of criminal identification products that make use of Biometric data and help police forces at the crime scene. Our system can identify people, record evidence and provide location based services and crime history.

BioEnable, the world leader in multi biometric solutions offer solutions based on wide range of technologies like

  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Iris Recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Palm vein or Finger vein recognition
  • Voice analysis
  • Video Analytics
  • RFID
  • Wireless Sensor network
  • Mobile handheld terminals


 Features – Criminal identification system 

  • Create Multi-Biometric data base of all criminals or suspects
  • Make geographic location based searches in database. like In case of a crime against Children, get a quick list of all suspects & criminals for similar act in the past nearby to the crime location
  • Identify any person with criminal background in any event or group
  • Record all crimes & people involved


Benefits – Criminal Identification system

  • Reduce Crime rate
  • Increase Conviction rate
  • Increase identification of criminals
  • Maintain Biometric & GIS based records


CCTNS aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing at all levels and especially at the Police Station level through adoption of principles of e-Governance. CCTNS will operate through the creation of a nationwide networked infrastructure for evolution of IT-enabled state-of-the- art tracking system around “investigation of crime and detection of criminals” in real time, which is a critical requirement in the context of
the present day internal security scenario.


Crime & Criminal Tracking Network System components

  • Crime Criminal Information System (CCIS) : CCIS is an NCRB-driven program and has been launched in 1990. Since then, it has been implemented in 35 states and union territories and spans over 700 locations. Most of the State police headquarters and district headquarters are covered by CCIS and so are some of the 14,000+ police stations in the country.
  • Motor Vehicle Coordination System (MVCS)
  • Organised Crime Intelligence System (OCIS)
  • Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA):CIPA is a stand-alone application developed to be installed in police stations and to support the crime investigation and prosecution functions. CIPA is a centrally managed application: an application core centrally developed and is installed in police station. Any state-specific customizations are evaluated and made on a need basis.
  • Talash – Search  software

Related systems:

  • Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems* (CCTNS)


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