Biometric Mobile ID Solutions for Law Enforcement

Biometric Mobile ID solutions for Law Enforcement

BioEnable offer mobile identification proucts in the form of handheld terminals, Mobile data terminals and tablets that can establish the identity of any individual on the field by capturing their biometric and submitting to the server for identification.

Law enforcement officer is not required to wait or go back to office which can significantly delay the process synthroid tablets buy online.

Biometric Mobile ID solutions

The Biometric Mobile ID products help:

  • Save valuable time.

  • improve the productivity of officers in the field

  • avoid unnecessary trips to the police station

  • Reduce the chance of mistakenly releasing a dangerous criminal

  • increase public safety

  • Prevent false arrest and avert

  • Avoid inconvenience to innoscent individual

  • Make use of accurate multiple biometric to identify right persons


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