ID Management for Courts

ID Management for Courts


Just like in other areas, an efficient Identity Management Solution is nowadays also used in various courts around the globe. When Identity Management Solution is effectively deployed in the courts, it helps in the following discussed systems:

Surety ID Management

Surety ID Management uses Identity Management Solution in order to verify the authenticity of the person who is submitting Surety Bonds. Since the process requires identification of a person, Identity Management Solution uses biometric identification systems to identify the individuals. In case fake individuals try to interact with the system, or otherwise attempt to forge the documents, their requests are denied whatsoever, and they are immediately identified as the culprits.

Biometric Identification for Staff

Since courts of any country has hundreds and thousands of staff members, such government bodies use Identity Management System to maintain a proper and efficient Identity Management Solution. With the help of effective Identity Management Solution, proper records of the staff members of the courts can be maintained along with their details. Many times biometric identification devices are also used in Identity Management Solution in order to manage working hours of the staff members and for daily attendance system as well. By using such attendance system, staff members cannot place proxy attendance because it is practically impossible to forge and duplicate fingerprints or palm veins of any other staff member. Involvement of biometric identification devices helps administration staff calculate the salaries and payrolls of other staff members with accuracy and without delays.

Integrated Monitoring in Courts

Identity Management System uses CCTV in courts to monitor each and every individual that is present in the premises, either as a staff member or as a visitor who is present to attend the court proceedings. Apart from monitoring the individuals, the integrated monitoring is also used to regularly monitor the incoming and outgoing vehicles in the premises. Since the quality of the CCTV devices that are used in such systems is decent, even the registration numbers of the vehicles are captured, which can then be used in case verification of the identification is required for crosschecking and references.

Access Control for Courts

It is understood that every court has some sensitive information that it stores either as a hard copy, or a soft copy that is stored in a secured datacenter. In either case, it becomes very important for the courts that they must secure and limit the access to the information, in order to prevent any misuse or duplication of data Click Here. Considering this, such courts deploy Identity Management Solution that helps them secure both hard copy of the data by limiting physical access to the room, and by restricting and limiting the access to the digital copy of the sensitive information at the same time. In order to limit and restrict access to the data (hard copy or soft copy), in most cases, Identity Management Solution uses biometric identification devices such as fingerprint scanners, palm vein readers, etc. In order to add an extra layer of security to the data, database where biometric information of staff members is stored is also protected, and only few authorized individuals are allowed to manage and manipulate the biometric identification information.


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