Slap Fingerprint Segmentation

Slap Fingerprint Segmentation

 These output segmented images from the typical livescan image.These images  indicate the segmented position  and finger position

Finger Rotation Section Images.

Rotation fingers should not be included in the segmented output, as shown by the highlights below:

Paper Slap Images

This image from an inked paper source.variation in background when compared to the live-scan image, the handwritten and printed text, punched hole, and cropped middle finger.

This images indicate the segmented position (1-4) and finger position

Missing Fingers

Finger positions probably cannot be determined.Indiactes only 3 fingers could be processed

Extra Fingers

Segmentation applications should never return more than 4 segmented images as output.

Segmentation Quality

Segmentation Quality is a user-defined numeric value.This some images for which it may be difficult to obtain an optimal segmentation of all fingers. In such cases, it is recommended that the segmentation application return segmentation quality values that would indicate that the segmentation was not definitive.

Rotation is reported for each finger in the slap image. If rotation is only measured for the entire slap image, the rotation values should be set to that value for each finger.

Bounding boxes when the output is not rotated relative to the original. Note that the bounding boxes may overlap.


This image shows bounding boxes when the output is rotated relative to the original.


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