Government Organizations Identity Management Solution

Government Organizations Identity management solution


Identity Management Solutions are used in government sectors in order to identify the criminals and other nonsocial elements that might be harmful to the country. Moreover, government organizations also use Identity Management Solutions to verify the authenticity of the beneficiaries or other civilians by identifying their civil IDs.

Identity Management Solutions in government organizations can be used for:

Public Service Delivery Infrastructure

Public Service Delivery Infrastructure precisely deals in public services. Examples of such services may include food security, quality of education, quality of medical treatment, etc. Features that Public Service Delivery Infrastructure provides while using Identity Management Solutions can be:

Public Distribution System (PDS)

Public Distribution System is a government scheme designed and implemented to help people below the poverty line by providing them food grains and other edible raw materials at cheaper cost. Identity Management Solution helps the government identify duplicate ration cards, or other such inappropriate activities so that only genuine and authentic people could get the benefits. Identity Management Solution helps the government by allowing them to create a unique ID for each beneficiary.

Entitlement and Welfare

In order to make the welfare and entitlement more effective and productive, biometric authentication system and ICT are used to generate unique IDs. Unique IDs help events like Child Welfare, Housing, Social Security Pensions, etc. to work more efficiently, with accuracy and without forgery.

National ID Solution

With the help of Identity Management System, government bodies develop a multipurpose identification card. This eliminates the need of carrying a separate card for each service that citizens of a country may want to get. Mostly these multipurpose cards contain taxation information, driving license information, voter ID cards, etc. Since the entire information is contained in a single card, overall cost of implementing and maintaining Identity Management Solution is comparatively quite low.

Election ID Solutions

Identity Management System also allows government organizations to distribute voting cards to all the citizens of the country. Such voting cards contain information about the cardholders, who are then verified for their authenticity. This practice prevents unauthorized or fake voters from placing the votes, and it also prevents a genuine voter from placing multiple votes. In all, Identity Management System provides a foolproof solution for elections and voting systems.


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