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Civil Identification

Introduction :- Civil Identification

For national security and preventing fraud, governments need a dependable identification system and they can get this by using multi-biometric recognition solutions. Examples of such solutions include:

National/State ID – Civil Identification Solution

Biometric technologies are capable of providing a unique ID to every citizen of a country or state. With the help of national or state IDs, citizens can easily get the services provided by the government. These biometric enable ID cards contain complete information about card holder that helps the government in identifying the country or state from where a person belongs. 

Voter ID – Civil Identification Solution

By enabling biometric in voter ID cards, government officers can identify the authentic and eligible voter that can cast his/her vote. Moreover, it is also capable of preventing election fraud by identifying the voter who is casting multiple votes. The card also prevents an unauthentic voter from casting a vote.

Driver License – Civil Identification Solution

Biometric integrated driver licenses have become a standard form of identifying card holders in the countries that do not have national IDs. This technology facilitates the government in issuing and renewing licenses, eliminating the redundancy and specifying the correct information provided by the license holder.  

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