Fingerprint Scanners

Biometric Fingerprint Devices for Secure and Convenient Identity Management

Fingerprint Scanners is a fingerprint recognition devices for computer security equipped with the fingerprint recognition module featuring with its superior performance, accuracy, durability based on unique fingerprint biometric technology. Fingerprint Reader / Scanner is very safe and convenient device for security instead of password, that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember. Use USB Fingerprint Scanner / Reader with our Biometrics software for authentication, identification and verification functions that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.

Key Features of Our Fingerprint Scanners:

The Fingkey Hamster DX the best-selling single fingerprint scanner and single finger biometric device in India for the past 10 years, is trusted and utilized in over 500 Government and Civil ID projects. This renowned USB fingerprint scanner (also known as a single fingerprint scanner or single finger scanner) is known for its scratch-proof surface, delivering crystal-clear fingerprint images. 

The USB fingerprint reader/scanner provides a safe and convenient security solution, eliminating the vulnerabilities of passwords that can be prone to fraud and difficult to remember. Enhance your security with our USB fingerprint scanner/reader combined with our advanced biometrics software. Experience seamless authentication, identification and verification functions.

The Fingkey Hamster III Fingerprint Reader is a highly secure fingerprint scanner (also known as a finger scanner or thumb scanner) with advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) for maximum security applications. This innovative USB fingerprint reader sets a new standard in biometric authentication with its new design and features like Dry finger detection and Fake finger detection.

Combined with our advanced biometrics software the Fingkey Hamster III provides seamless biometric identification functions.  Let your fingerprints act as secure digital passwords, eliminating the vulnerabilities of traditional passwords that can be lost, forgotten, or stolen. This thumbprint scanner ensures your identity is protected with advanced technology and user convenience.

The enBioScan-C1 (HFDU8) sets a new standard as a single USB fingerprint scanner and fingerprint device. This biometric finger scanner features the highly advanced fingerprint identification module which is FBI PIV certified. This enables the acquisition of high-resolution fingerprint images with exceptional accuracy and durability. The rugged and advanced optical sensor ensures superior performance making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Experience the power of our unique Fingerprint Biometric Technology with the enBioScan-C1 biometric fingerprint scanner and biometric fingerprint device. Its comfortable and ergonomic design guarantees optimal user experience.

The BS20 is a high-security biometric fingerprint scanner and biometric fingerprint device utilizing optical USB 2.0 technology. Designed to meet FAP20 biometric authentication standards it captures high-quality fingerprint images for reliable user identification in various applications. 

This biometric finger scanner's versatility makes it suitable for access control systems, secure financial transactions, time and attendance tracking, and government ID verification.  The BS20 compact ergonomic design ensures user-friendly fingerprint capture making it a powerful and easy-to-use security solution.

The eNBioScan-D Plus redefines high-performance fingerprint identification. This advanced dual fingerprint scanner leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results for various applications. Surpassing traditional single-finger scanners, This dual fingerprint scanner offers superior accuracy and efficiency reducing enrollment times and streamlining user experience. 

This versatile scanner captures dual or single flat fingerprints as well as single rolled fingerprints, making it ideal for diverse users and applications. the two fingerprint scanner is the perfect choice for organizations seeking a powerful and adaptable fingerprint identification solution.

DactyScan84C the high-end 10-print fingerprint scanner (also known as a 10 fingerprint scanner or 10 finger scanner or fingerprint slap scanner , is specifically designed for UID Aadhaar projects, Government National ID programs, Police applications, and Immigration/Visa processes.  This advanced scanner delivers superior performance and accuracy in capturing all ten fingerprints.

DactyScan84C, the pioneering 10-print fingerprint scanner launched by an Indian company, sets a new benchmark in fingerprint scanning technology. Certified as a 10-print Livescan device according to the FBI IAFIS IQS App. DactyScan84C ensures top-notch image quality and meets the highest industry standards.

Thales Palm Scanner MultiScan527, a versatile solution designed to meet diverse needs. Equipped with optional smartcard and/or contactless reader capabilities, it offers seamless operator identification whenever necessary.

Additionally, the MultiScan527 is available as an OEM module, catering to system integrators seeking a compact palm Livescan solution for seamless integration into embedded solutions. A feature-rich SDK for all common platforms makes the Palm Scanner MultiScan527 the perfect choice for system integrators and solution providers.

BioScan01 the ultimate all-in-one biometric fingerprint scanner and biometric fingerprint device. This versatile biometric finger scanner development module offers a comprehensive range of functions including fingerprint acquisition, registration, comparison and search.

BioScan01 is designed for seamless and independent operation in various fingerprint-related applications.  Its compact size, low power consumption and universal interface make it highly reliable and user-friendly. Additionally, BioScan01 boasts a scalable large capacity accommodating up to 5000 fingerprints for 1:N recognition without the need for group identification.

AADHAAR Enrollment Kit are used to enroll large groups of people for certain schemes mostly promoted by Government & NGOs. They are used widely for enrolling citizens by local or central government organizations, UID Aadhar, NPR, National ID projects , World bank and UNESCO schemes.

With its user-friendly interface and versatility, the AADHAAR Enrollment Kit facilitates seamless enrollment operations, ensuring accuracy, security, and compliance with regulatory standards. It serves as a cornerstone for initiatives aimed at establishing robust identification systems and extending essential services to citizens on a large scale.

Registering your fingerprint has never been easier with our simple and intuitive interface. Enjoy a hassle-free enrollment process that allows you to provide basic user information and set your preferred authentication type, whether it's Fingerprint, RF Card, Password, or a combination of these options in an OR/AND combination. Customize your personal settings to enhance your security and convenience.

Discover the power of our Access Manager Program, offering a streamlined registration process for Finger ID. Simplify your authentication methods and enjoy the flexibility to choose the most suitable combination of authentication modes. Elevate your security measures and personalize your settings according to your preferences.

The AADHAAR Enrollment Kit is a comprehensive set of tools and devices used to enroll large groups of people particularly for government and NGO-sponsored schemes. These kits are essential for various enrollment programs including those run by local or central government agencies UID Aadhar, NPR (National Population Register), national ID projects as well as initiatives supported by international organizations like the World Bank and UNESCO. Key components of the AADHAAR Enrollment Kit typically include:

IriUniverse is a dual iris scanner designed for biometric enrollment. Having multiple iris scanners in the kit allows for simultaneous enrollment of individuals further streamlining the process smoothly.

This module is certified by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and is integrated into the enrollment kit to provide location data during the enrollment process. GPS technology used to track the location.

This dual iris scanner that captures iris images for biometric identification. Iris scanning is a reliable method for unique identification and the dual scanner enhances accuracy and speed in enrollment.

This face camera used for capturing facial images during enrollment. Facial recognition technology is employed for identity verification and authentication purposes, complementing other biometric data captured.