Law Enforcement Solution

Law Enforcement Solution


Nowadays Identity Management Systems also help law firms to retrieve the complete information of the suspects or the criminals. The retrieved information of the suspects or criminals includes their previous criminal records, their origin, their personal data, their permanent residence, location, etc. Such organizations also use Identity Management Solutions to track the criminals in case they are not yet imprisoned.

Some major uses of Identity Management System in law firms include:

Automated Fingerprint Identification Solutions (AFIS)

Identity Management Solution, when efficiently implemented in law firms, help the organizations identify the criminals using their fingerprints. During fingerprint identification, the records of the criminals that can be retrieved are their ages, genders, locations, residence, etc. AFIS remarkably reduces the overall time that is otherwise spent during manual identification process.

Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

ABIS incorporates with AFIS and comes up with a complete identification solution that helps law firms identify criminals using their biometric identification. This further helps the firms retrieve detailed information about the identified criminals, which, many times, helps them track and locate the target within a short period of time.

Live Scan Solution

Live Scan Solution uses 4G network to scan the criminals’ fingerprints or other biometric organs to first enroll their records in the database, and then retrieve them using the same biometric organs to identify the criminals and their information whenever required. Since the solution uses 4G, the total turnaround time with accurate responses is remarkably reduced, and because of this, the process of catching the criminals expedites.

Mobile ID Solution

Using Mobile ID Solution, concerned officers can scan and identify the suspects and/or the criminals even when they are on the move. The Mobile ID solution uses GPRS or 3G network to transmit the captured data to the central datacenter where the complete database is stored. The captured information, when transferred, uses secure channel and therefore the chances of the packets getting hacked or manipulated during transmission are remarkably reduced. Using Mobile ID Solution, officers can also capture records of new suspects or criminals even when on road, and can transfer the records to the datacenter, without having to carry the entire information with them till they physically reach there.

ID Management Prisons

Nowadays Identity Management Solutions is also implemented in prisons in order to keep digital records of each criminal that is imprisoned. In order to automate and digitize criminal records, biometric identification is required. Using biometric identification devices such as fingerprint scanners, etc., concerned staff first enrolls the records of each prisoner along with the details in the database. Once the enrolment process is complete, prisoners are then identified using their biometric identification. Many times, daily roll calls of the prisoners are also handled by such biometric identification systems. Using the biometric identification system, which also contains detailed information about the criminals, data of past criminals can also be retrieved within no time if required. In all, an efficient Identification Management Solution helps the entire prison system maintain and manage the records of imprisoned criminals.

ID Management for Courts

ID Management for Courts


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