BioEnable Mobile Identity Management NFC Document

BioEnable-Mobile Identity Management & NFC Document


Simplicity, Ease of Use, Convenience, Massive Costs Savings, while having a full-fledged RFID reader and Inspection System in your pocket are only a few of the motivations that characterize the development of the BioEanble NFC Document Inspection & Identity Management Platform.BioID is deployed on smartphones, tablets & other Android devices and peripherals supported by Android.

To establish a persons´ true identity utilizing Machine Readable Travel Documents and / or Biometrics is a crucial task for police, immigration and other law enforcement agencies around the world, while at the same time safeguarding the principles of data privacy and its possible infringements has highest priority.

BioID aims to be in line with the Common Criteria laid out by the EU commission for Mobile devices to establish a best practice sample according to international standards.

In a time with rapid changing technology and the risk of not being able to keep up in hardware product developments with the technology, Avalon decided to invest in the Android platform as a future proof mobile platform that is well respected and promoted by governments and militaries around the globe to leverage “common” mobile devices for advanced use cases in end-to-end integrated secure turnkey solutions, such as BioID. Initiatives like the Security Enhanced version of Android ( SEAndroid) released by NSA for government use underline such trends. Advantages like the seamless upgrade from one OS version to another and the compatibility with various devices, while being able to utilize the latest technology by keeping introperability are unmatched by older Windows Mobile & Windows CE systems.

Benefits of Mobile Identity Management 

Additionally BioID features the first Identity Management Platform with biometric capabilities on the Android Device, including Photo Capture and the words first Photo QA according to ISO & ICAO recommendations, fingerprint Capture & QA, Signature Capture, Demographics capture & has built-in support for ANSI / NIST ITL 2007 / 2008 file generation as default output format of every transaction. This document shall provide an overview of the BioID platform and the components that are being integrated and made available to our customers & partners.

BioID Mobile NFC Document Inspection & Identity Management Platform

Below are the key features & functionalities listed of the growing BioID platform.

BioID Key Features


Available Modules & Functionality

Service Selection

Travel & ID Document (ISO/IEC 14443 A/B)

Document Verification & Authentication

BioID – Mobile NFC Document Inspection & Identity Management Platform

BioID Key Features

Photo Capture & QA

Fingerprint Capture & QA



 Summary Module

Document Data




Control List Checks

Biometric Matching


Document Archive

Document Issuing

ANSI / NIST ITL 2007 file support

Embedded MBIS (Fingerprint & Face)

Web Service (WS) Interface

All communication in Avalon systems is based on secure web services, so naturally BioID has the capability to communicate with web services via WS layer Avalon added for Android. This WS layer allows the easy interfacing to existing web services used for:

Central Register / System Interface

Public Key Encryption Support

Control / Watch-List Interface via CLMS



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