Introduction – Biometric ATM

Biometric ATM are used for wide range of applications like for Banking, Coupons & Self service ATM. Biometrics ATM offer ATM type interface along with at-least one Biometrics capture device like Fingerprint Scanner, Iris camera, Palm/Finger Vein scanner , Face recognition camera. They are often called Multi-Biometrics ATM, Wall mount Biometrics ATM, Biometrics Devices / Machine.

Most of the ATM in the past have been using ID cards to identify users but with the wide acceptance of Biometrics , a new generation of Biometrics ATM are being deployed for wide range of applications worldwide.

Why use Biometric ATM ?

  • ATM have Large Computer CPU & Memory that provide sufficient processing capabilities to support high-end Biometrics Verification or Identification system
  • Touchscreen Multilingual interface offer easy interaction and reduce manpower cost
  • Easy to maintain & repair



Issues in current ATM networks

  • ATM Card frauds
  • Use of ATM card duplicators
  • Card sharing by family and friends
  • Inability to trace the wrongful users
  • ATM PINs can be shared on phone or recorded using secret cameras

Biometric ATMs solve these issues & offer:

  • Single/Multi factor Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint, Iris, Face, Pal vein
  • Multifactor Authentication: Card + PIN + Biometrics
  • Online or offline Authentication using smart cards
  • Card less Authentication
  • Biometrics is combination of card or PIN

Applications of Biometric ATM


  • Banking & Finance
  • Food coupons / Tickets / Canteen ATM
  • Membership Verification ATM
  • Transaction / Check Deposit ATM
  • Self Service ATM
  • Retail ATM



Other solutions

  • Wall mount Biometric ATM & Transaction terminals
  • Fullsize Biometric ATM
  • Biometrics Touchscreen ATM


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