BioEnable L100 Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock | 5-Way Unlocking | Fingerprint | Pincode | RFID Access Card | Mobile App | Mechanical Key | OTP Access | Stainless Steel Mortise with 5 Bolts | (Black)

One Hold to Unlock

Fast Unlock Without Key

Press down the handle to open the door in one step without waiting. The Fingerprint identification area is added with groove guiding design, which makes the hand feel more comfortable

Not Afraid of No Electricity

USB + Key Double Support

If the fingerprint lock has no power, it can be unlocked with mobile power supply or mechanical key

Encrypted Smart IC Card

Easy to use IC Card to unlock the door

The smart card core is copy proof and has high security. It is convenient for every member of the family to manage comfortably. If the card is lost, it can be deleted and invalidated

Fingerprint Sensor

Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor

Semiconductor fingerprint identification technology, multiple algorithms can identify fingerprints more effectively

Silent Guardian

Not afraid to wake up the family

Spiritual adjustment, mutable, volume adjustable, caring for family sleep

Open Mode Setting

More convenient to open the door frequently

Open the normally open mode, the door is unlocked and the handle can be pressed directly to open the door without fingerprint password

Virtual Password

No need to block

Enter group of numbers before and after the correct password and you can still unlock the door. Always protects the real password

Multiple Functions Come Together

User Friendly Interface

Installation Process

Key Features

Menu Functions

Add Users

Delete Users

Passage Mode

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