Nitgen Access Controller Solutions Advanced

Touchless Employee Attendance

High End Recognition Terminal

Use the UBio-X Series Product to protect your employees, protect your office space and simplify front desk accessibility


The non-contact facial recognition system will detect your employees every time they enter or leave the building and save the ID.


High-definition infrared lenses can identify and verify the presence of personal protective equipment (masks) on employees’ faces.


Use supported non-contact thermal imaging cameras to instantly screen employees’ body temperatures and detect potential increases.

UBio-X Face

Face Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro 2 is our new face access control and time attendance terminal, recognizes faces at a distance up to 3 meters, authenticate when user walk-through the gates.

UBio-X Pro

Advance Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro, A face authentication system equipped with the world’s highest performance facial recognition algorithm.  Assembled with a high definition camera to provide the fastest matching speed while maintaining the highest accuracy.

UBio-X Pro 2

High-End Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro 2 is a Contactless Face Recognition System. The latest Face Recognition algorithm technology supporting Walk-Through and multiple Face Authentication

UBio-X Pro Lite

Prime Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro Lite is a face authentication system. It’s equipped with the powerful performance functions and improved facial recognition algorithms

UBio-X Iris

Advanced Iris & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Iris is our brand new access control and time attendance terminal recognizes iris at a distance up to 50cm, provides fast accurate iris authentication even when user wear glasses or mask, protective clothes, niqub, hijab and more

UBio-X Slim

Elegance and Sleek Premium Design Card & Fingerprint Recognition

The UBio-X Slim is equipped with high-performance Quad Core CPU, 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM & 8GB of flash memory. Implementing an accurate fingerprint fast authentication processing.