Face & Fingerprint Recognition Attendance System

UBio-X Pro Lite

Biometric Authentication Solution for Time Attendance and Access Control

UBio-X Pro Lite face authentication system equipped with the powerful performance functions and improved facial recognition algorithm.

The UBio-X Pro Lite face recognition attendance system is a versatile biometric solution with its advanced face reading capabilities and extensive storage capacity. Its ability to operate effectively in various lighting conditions and support multiple frequencies for RFID cards and credentials makes it suitable for a wide range of applications from manufacturing facilities to high security environments like banks and integrated security centers. The inclusion of a Quad-Core Processor and a user-friendly LCD screen enhances its usability making it an intuitive option for users. Overall with its high performance and adaptability the UBio-X Pro Lite face recognition device appears in the top biometric terminals.

UBio X Pro Lite offers storage for up to 500,000 users, 1,000,000 templates, 10,000,000 event logs 20,000 image logs of each transaction. The terminal comes with 1.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor an intuitive and easy to use 5" LCD screen offering easy to use graphics, supports reading of RFID cards & fingerprint recognition.


Best Illuminance Performance

UBio-X Pro Lite face recognition access control attendance system uses our improved face authentication algorithm to accurately recognize faces in various lighting conditions. Operating illuminance of up to 30,000Lux.

High Performance Face Algorithm 35,000 Face Templates within 1sec

Equipped with a high definition camera to provide the fastest matching speed while maintaining the highest accuracy.

Massive Memory

UBio-X Pro Lite face recognition attendance machine is equipped with a powerful 1.0 GHz Quad Core Processor And with it’s built-in large memory capacity allows storage up to 500,000 users, 1,000,000 templates, 10,000,000 event logs and 20,000 image logs of each transaction.

Various Usability

With its 5 inch LCD touch screen, it provides the user with a clean, wide and easy to used graphical interface. UBio-X Pro Lite supports most types of RFID card standards with a single device including 125kHz RF, 13.56 SC, HID Prox and HID iClass.

System Configuration Diagram

Technical Specifications

UBio-X Pro Lite Product Brochure

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Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Readers

Biometric Face Attendance Solution

UBio-X Face our state of the art face access control and time attendance terminal. With powerful facial recognition capabilities, this innovative device accurately identifies faces from up to 3 meters away. Experience seamless authentication.

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Face Recognition System - UBio-X Pro 2. With the latest Face Recognition algorithm technology, this advanced system supports Walk-Through and multiple Face Authentication. Upgrade security measures with seamless and efficient face recognition.

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UBio-X Iris the cutting edge access control and time attendance terminal offering exceptional iris recognition capabilities. With a remarkable range of up to 50cm, UBio-X Iris provides fast and accurate authentication.

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UBio-X Slim the powerful fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal with advanced features. This slim device is equipped with a high-performance Quad-Core CPU, 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB flash memory for fast authentication processing.

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