UBio-X Pro2: Face, Fingerprint, RFID Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

UBio-X Pro2

High End Face & Fingerprint Recognition System

Contactless Face Recognition System

UBio-X Pro 2 is an advanced access control and time attendance terminal designed to meet the highest security standards and streamline your organization's operations. With its cutting-edge features and robust functionality. UBio-X Pro 2 face detection system and face access control device is the perfect solution for managing access and attendance in various settings from small businesses to large enterprises.


Latest Face Authentication Algorithm with Walk Through Method

UBio-X Pro2 is our brand for face access control and time and attendance terminal recognizes face at pro2 at a distance up to 3 meters authenticates when users walk through the gates.

Integration with Thermal Camera

UBio-X Pro2 face recognition access control attendance system integrated with a thermal camera and measures user’s body temperature. In case of fever, the user will be denied for accessing and the log data recorded on the server.

Easy User Registration with Mobile Number

If you are not a registered user, simply enter your cell phone number on the first visit and you will be authorized to enter. The first phone number you entered will be used as your ID when you visit later.

Fake Face Detection Technology with its Liveness Detection and Anti-Spoofing Function

UBio-X Pro2 prevents unauthorized users from trying to authenticate with a 3D mask, photo or cut-out photo.

Easy Face Pre-enrollment, Using Mobile phone or Uploading an Existing Photo

This face access control system easy enrollment method will allow you to enroll users by simply taking a photo with your mobile phone, and uploading it to the server or if you already have photos of your employees you can enroll their faces by just transferring the photos to your server. it overwrites the previously registered image with the new image on your server when you authenticate from the first time to enhance authentication accuracy.

High Performance

High Performance algorithm provide the fastest matching speed 20,000 face templates within 1sec. High definition camera provides fast accurate face authentication function under the brightest light up to 25,000 lux.

System Configuration Diagram

Technical Specifications

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Various Applications

Commercial Facilities

Construction Sites


R&D Center

Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Devices

Biometric Face Attendance Solution

UBio-X Face our state of the art face access control and time attendance terminal. With powerful facial recognition capabilities, this innovative device accurately identifies faces from up to 3 meters away. Experience seamless authentication.

Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro the cutting edge face authentication system featuring the world's highest performance facial recognition algorithm. This advanced solution is equipped with a high-definition camera for lightning-fast matching speed.

Iris & Fingerprint Recognition System

UBio-X Iris the cutting edge access control and time attendance terminal offering exceptional iris recognition capabilities. With a remarkable range of up to 50cm, UBio-X Iris provides fast and accurate authentication.

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

UBio-X Slim the powerful fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal with advanced features. This slim device is equipped with a high-performance Quad-Core CPU, 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB flash memory for fast authentication processing.

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