Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) EMS monitors environmental factors like light, sound, temperature, humidity, power, water leakage, airflow, smoke and much more. It keeps detailed records of those factors with a live...

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BioEnable Healthcare Solution

A Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions Whether you want a full real-time location system across healthcare  facility or you just interested in improving communications and coordinating tasks more efficiently then there is an...

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BioBaby Infant Security System

[button link=”http://bioenabletech.com/downloads/brochures/BioBaby-Brochure.pdf” variation=”black”]Download Brochure[/button] The BioEnable’s BioBaby Infant Security system offers proven protection against infant abduction / theft and Swapping by centralizing the infant database. With combination of advanced Wireless technology...

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Infant identification managment system

Infant footprint scanning & identification

Infant footprint scanning & identification Infant fingerprints are now well developed for scanning, hence fingerprint recognition technology cannot be effectively used for identifying infants. But with our research we found that...

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Infant Security Solution

                Registration Process Infant and mother comes at the registration station, where all the required things for enrollment is placed like Wireless tags, fingerprint slap scanner, iris scanner, footprint scanner, web-cam etc. Registration...

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Client ID india

Consumer Identification

Consumer Identification Introduction Biometric provides the solution for consumers’ identification by protecting their assets and enhancing the quality and productivity of life.         Banking ID – Consumer Identification Solution By incorporating biometrics in...

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Biometrics in Healthcare

Biometrics in healthcare plays an important role when it comes to biometrics screening. Nowadays many organizations provide free biometrics screening for their employees, which help them take better decision about...

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