Fingerprint Imaging Software Bioimaging


BioImaging software allows you to scan single finger images for identity management. Many applications of fingerprint scanning do not require immediate matching of the fingerprint but only want to store Fingerprint images as an additional identity along with Face photograph. In such conditions you do not need Software Development Kit but can use a simple application like BioImaging.

Bioimaging software converts the fingerprint image to .JPG or .Bmp format. Thus with the help of this software user can store fingerprint images to the system.

Getting started

1. Double click on My computer icon on the desktop

2. Browse CD from CD ROM

3. Inside CD there is one folder called as “Bioimaging”. Go inside this folder and run setup.exe to install this software on pc

After setup is completed it will create following icon on the desktop

 Make double click on this icon to start software