Hospital Track & Trace


Hospital Track & Trace solutions offer security, safety & visibility of People & Assets inside the Hospital. It is Active RFID & RTLS (Real Time Location System) based solution that can tag & track movement of staff, patients & mobile assets inside the hospital giving strong control in the hands of administrators to improve the efficiency of the Hospital by over 30%.

Wireless Nurse Call

  • Track & Protects patients anywhere in the hospital

  • Enables patients security

  • Streamlines workflow & Reduce operating costs

  • Staff-specific patient call logs

Hand Hygiene Monitoring

  • Reduces healthcare acquired infections

  • Monitors hygiene compliance policies

  • Generates reports per staff

  • Helps identify the source of an infection

Hospital Staff Protection

  • Protects lone workers and staff at risk

  • Enables staff members to feel safe

  • Wireless network

Medical Asset Management

  • Enhances asset optimization & prevent shrinkage

  • Streamlines workflow; reduces operating costs

  • Improves compliance

Wandering Patient Protection

  • Protects against patient wandering

  • Maintains freedom and independence

  • Continuous patient monitoring

  • Provides peace of mind for medical staff

Infant Protection

  • Protect infant abductions and mother/baby mismatches

  • Enforces Biometric match test discharge procedure

  • Prevents unauthorized movements of infants

  • Continuous newborn supervision

  • Provides peace of mind for administrators

BioEnable Healthcare Solutions

  • Advanced Active RFID & RTLS based platform

  • Identity & location visibility of patients, staff and assets

  • Flexible patient/staff/family escort options in hospital

  • Long battery life for Tags & Badges

  • High availability and automated alerts management

  • Scalable & Flexible

  • Easy to use Monitoring and management software

  • Integration with EMR, HIS

  • Multiple communication options SMS, email, Calls

  • Advanced reports, Charts & Dashboards