Infant Protection System

Introduction – infant protection system

Infant Protection system is infant monitoring and tracking system based on wireless technology. A wireless transmitter is attached to the ankle of the newborn baby to track its movements inside the hospital to ensure that baby is always attended by the right person and with the right mother.

Infant thefts have been common in recent past and hospitals are looking for advanced automation security and protection system that will not only safeguard the newborn infants in the hospitals but also ensure that they are always paired with the right mother.

Infant Protection System is useful for

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

  • Maternity Homes

Features – Infant protection system

  • Unlimited Tags – Our system can support large number of tags in a single installation.

  • Highend Security system – Infant Ankle Bracelet, Wireless network infrastructure, and maternity staff & Mother badge supervision with audit trails and system logs

  • Mother – Baby matching – Prevents baby switching by permitting staff to confirm that the correct baby is being presented to the mother.

  • Tags with Tamper alert – Tags automatically transmit alerts upon unauthorized removal of the tag from the baby

  • Baby authorization – Staff & family can move infants freely within the protected zones, but infants cannot be moved out of these zones without authorization

  • Advanced Monitoring software – Enables security staff to monitor alerts, personalize all tags, enroll users, transport and discharge babies, temporarily deactivate tags and track infant movement.

BioBaby – Infant Protect System components

  • Infant Ankle bracelet wireless identity tags

  • Mother / Staff wireless Identity Badge

  • Control Panels with Receivers

  • Monitor Display Panel

  • BioBaby Protect Software

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