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ACM Pro with USB Hamster for Centralized Enrollment

Solution Configuration

Access Manager Pro is a solution for control and monitoring of terminal/user. It organizes a single network of maximum 2,000 terminals for control, and authentication at server through its own DB, and promotes the convenience of users by registration or monitoring of users at places without server by the supply of remote control function.


  • Automatic search of terminal

  • Remote control of terminal & server

  • Downloading users to multiple terminals

  • Easy user enrollment & modification

  • On-board 1:N Search Engine

  • Direct 1:N server authentication

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Auto terminal management

  • Enroll New user(FP,PW,RF in AND/OR combination)

  • Transfer user to specific terminal

  • Enroll group, modify group, delete group

  • Transfer user to specific group

  • Enroll new terminal, modify terminal, delete terminal

  • Add specific user to the terminal

  • Search all successful & failed logs as per filter category

  • Export that logs in text / excel format

System Requirement