Biometric Patient Identity management solution

BioEnable offer multi biometric patient identification solution, supporting fingerprint, palm vein, iris and face recognition. Our patient identity solution allows hospitals to quickly retrieve a patient’s medical record with a fast Biometric identification. Using biometrics as the patient identifier enables healthcare organizations to prevent duplicate medical records and control fraud while improving patient safety.

Features – patient identity solution

  • Multi Biometric Platform: Our multi-biometric patient identity solution that supports four different forms of biometric identification – fingerprint, palm vein, iris and face recognition.

  • Performance: Within seconds during initial patient enrollment, our system searches your entire biometric database for duplicates. This is the only way to truly prevent duplicate patient records and eliminate patient fraud.

  • Flexibility: We offer matching with multiple biometric technologies so that that you can use them flexibly as per the situation.

  • Scalability: The system can scale to over 10 million records and come with high-end biometric algorithms to ensure fast speed.

  • Usability: Our system can be integrated with your existing EHR software. There is no need to maintain separate biometric patient identity software

Biometrics is the most reliable way to identify anyone.

BioEnable Patient Identification solution enable your hospital to prevent the creation of duplicate medical records, and reduce cost.


  • Eliminate identity fraud at the point of care

  • Increase patient safety

  • Reduce risk

  • Overcome issues associated with cultural naming conventions

  • Streamline registration processes

  • Enhance patient privacy

  • Improve the patient experience

Patient Identity Management overview

  • No changes in workflow, seamless integration and secure identity management, photo at registration and check-in points

  • Accurate relation of each patients identity with medical record numbers for all patient visits

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Self-service registration with Kiosk, Tablets and desktop

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