Artificial Intelligence

Boost productivity and enhance time tracking with our comprehensive set of tools. Our advanced AI-based Remote Workforce Management & Employee Monitoring solution incorporates Face Authentication for work-from-home and enhanced security, enabling your team to achieve new levels of productivity.

Optimize productivity and streamline timesheet management with our Face Recognition Technology. Easily track attendance time and location without the need for any specialized devices. Our biometric solution is compatible with mobile/tablet and Windows platforms, providing efficiency.

Advanced artificial intelligence technologies to enhance your operations and achieve optimal results.

Automatic license plate reader (ALPR) is a high-speed computer-controlled camera system, usually installed on street light poles, street lights, highway overpasses, mobile trailers, or connected to police cars. ALPR will automatically capture all the license plate numbers displayed as well as the location date and time.

The Container Number Recognition System (CNRS) is an AI-driven system that can automatically recognise the container number on the top and side walls of the container through a camera. The images taken by the camera are being evaluated by optical character recognition (OCR) software.

The AI powered live data analytics & inventory management solution for Jewellers. Capture live data from inside your jewellery business to understand customer trends, merchandise performance and sales conversions. Track and find items instantly and count your inventory in minutes, using our AI jewellery software solution.

AI-Powered Tools to Conduct Safe Virtual Online Exams. Take a Safe, Scalable and Cost-Effective Online Proctored Exams by remotely.

This advanced face capture app seamlessly helps users to capture proper image as per ICAO compliance standards ensuring accuracy and reliability.