UBio-X Face Pro

UBio-X Face Pro

Next Generation Multi-Performance Biometric Device

Second UBio-Core Support Model : Brand New, Slim, and Compact Design

UBio-X Face Pro : The Ultimate Face Recognition Solution

Slim and Compact Design

UBio-X Face Pro features a compact design that allows for each installation and operation at all entrances, from small stores to large buildings, without constraints on locations or environments. 

– Wider and Slimmer Design : 92mm X 200mm X 21mm

– Lighter Weight : 336g

New, Sustainable Services through a Firmware Update

UBio-X Face Pro is the latest addition to the UBio-Core Support lineup, offering features that go beyond security.

We offer new services through firmware updates, along with advanced secured and a wider range of access control experiences.



Multi View













UBio-Core is a new firmware brand of UNIONCOMMUNITY.

Without replacing the device itself, we offer whole new

functions and solutions through a single firmware update.

Various Authentication Options

By attaching Xscan-FQ5 or Xscan-FP5, the fingerprint/QR sensor,

we offer a range of authentication methods, including face, fingerprint, mobile card, QR code, and more.

Users can choose their preferred authentication option based on their preferences or circumstances.

Contactless Fever Detection Sensor

Thermal-i / i2

Fingerprint/QR Code Authentication Sensor

XScan-FQ5 / XScan-FP5 (Optional)



Mobile Key


QR Code


Advanced Convenience

UBio-X Face Pro is a model that incorporate an all-in-one integrated RFID feature, supporting SC, RFm HID, Felica, NFC, and more. With the 2 times extended RF recognition distance compared to the previous version, it offers users with even greater convenience.

※ Supporting HID iClass (Optional)

WiFi Network Support

It provides a reliable integrated security service by supporting not only wired network but also wireless WiFi network.

※ Operating on the 2.4GHz frequency and supporting the  802.11b/g/n standards.

Various Applications

UBio-X Face Premium featured with high security, safe and convenient options can be used in various fields such as financial, government office, military unit and more.



Government office

Military unit