BioEnable Smart Battery Camera - C500

Rechargeable Battery Powered: Equipped with a 10000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and ultra-low power consumption.

1080P HD Image Quality & Night Vision: Provides clear and crisp recordings with 1080P high resolution. Features infrared night vision for visibility in low light conditions. Offers a 130-degree wide angle for capturing more details.

Two-Way Audio: Includes a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way audio communication. Allows you to listen and talk to your family and friends in real-time.

Simultaneous Views: Supports simultaneous viewing of one camera by up to 5 phones. Share the camera feed with your roommate and family members.

Excellent Waterproof: Designed with an IP65 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor use even in challenging environments.

Installation Guide

~ Prerequisite

Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)

Smart life app logged in with your existing Gmail account, or you can signup and create. App link  (

All three devices should be in 10 feet range

Steps to Follow 

3. Click on "Camera & Lock" , Then proceed with the "Smart camera (Wi-Fi)" option.

4. Power on the device and make sure the indicator is flashing rapidly or a prompt  ( Sound ) tone is heard. (If the indicator is not flashing rapidly or the tone heard please reset follow "How to Factory Reset the camera ")

5. Enter your Wi-Fi password and then click next.

6. Scan the QR code from 15-20 cm away from the camera and make sure while scanning the QR should be facing the Smart Camera.

7. The smart camera is configuring with Wi-Fi. ( If the smart camera is not configured in the given time please reset, Follow, "How to Factory Reset the camera" )

8. The smart camera is configured, You can rename the smart camera & click done.

9. Now you are ready to get live feed from any corner of the world.