[quote]Superior Palm Vein Pattern Recognition System[/quote]

The Palm vein scanner uses a near-infrared light to create a “vein map/pattern” of the users palm to perform accurate and secure biometric identification.
Unlike other forms of biometric technologies, the palm vein reader scans beneath the surface of the skin and doesnot get effected by skin surface problems such as dryness, roughness, moisture, or scarring.

Features and Benefits-Palm Vein Reader

      • No Forging possible
        Because palm vein patterns exist inside of the hand, it is impossible to recreate someone’s palm vein pattern. The sensor needs the hand with blood flow to scan an image.
      • Contactless
        When using the scanner, the hand does not need to be in contact with the sensor which improves hygienic concerns. For those utilizing the hand stand, the device is easy to clean without compromising the performance of the actual biometric scanner.
      • Capability
        Palm vein recognition can implement in both 1:1 and 1:N (one to many) matching environments. Our Server enables users to implement fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris recognition technology in the same software.

Palm Vein Reader  Technical Specifications

Category Description
Interface USB 2.0 / 1.1 (Hi speed or full speed)
Power Consumption 2.5 W or less
False Acceptance Rate FAR = <0.00008%
False Reject Rate FRR = <0.01%
Warranty 12 months
Regulations Meets  Government/Industry Standards
Acoustic Noise None
Resolution 500dpi
Operating Temperature 5C to 60C
Storage Temperature -5C to 60C









Supported Platforms – Palm Vein Reader / Palm Vein Scanner

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system
  • Linux 2.6 Kernel or better on Ubuntu, Redhat Linux
  • Optionally support USB, RS232, TCP/IP, LCD, Keypad, Relay, Door Lock
  • Development support on Microsoft .NET, Java, C/C++


Applications – Palm Vein Reader / Palm Vein Scanner

  • Time Attendance & Access control
  • Canteen Management System / Food coupons distribution
  • Visitor management System
  • Membership Identity Management System
  • Identity management for Appointments, Examinations & Entry
  • Criminal identification system


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