Palm Scanner MultiScan527

Optical Palm Print and Fingerprint Reader

Palm Scanner MultiScan527

FBI Certified Precision: Our palm scanner is FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F certified and Appendix P compliant ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability in fingerprint identification.

Seamless Integration: With our MultiScan SDK, our palm scanner offers effortless integration across multiple operating systems, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your specific needs.

User-Friendly Interface: Experience simplicity like never before with our intuitive palm scanner. Guided by a user-friendly software interface users are directed on where to place their fingers for acquisition with clear feedback on the results obtained.

Versatile Fingerprint Acquisition: Our palm scanner is capable of acquiring every type of fingerprint ensuring comprehensive coverage for various identification purposes.

The Palm Scanner MultiScan527 is the device for law enforcement applications (police station, prisons, refugees camps, etc). 

Offering superior image quality and matchless acquisition speed it acquires not only 10-prints, rolls and half-palms but also all types of supplemental prints as per FBI standards: thenar (ball of palm), full finger (distal, medial and proximal) and fingertip impressions. A feature-rich SDK for all common platforms makes the Palm Scanner MultiScan527 the perfect choice for system integrators and solution providers.

User-Friendly Ergonomics

Thales Palm Scanner MultiScan527, a versatile solution designed to meet diverse needs. Equipped with optional smartcard and/or contactless reader capabilities, it offers seamless operator identification whenever necessary.

Additionally, the MultiScan527 is available as an OEM module, catering to system integrators seeking a compact palm Livescan solution for seamless integration into embedded solutions.

User-friendly ergonomics for a better integration

Thales Palm Scanner MultiScan527 a versatile solution designed to meet diverse operator identification needs. With optional smart card and/or contactless reader capabilities it offers flexibility and enhanced security.

For system integrators seeking seamless integration into embedded solutions, the MultiScan527 is available as an OEM module. Its compact design and advanced features make it the perfect choice for various applications.

The Thales Palm Scanner MultiScan527 offers the option of being equipped with a smart card and/or contactless reader for operator identification needs. Two versions are available:

MultiScan 527

3.2” full color LCD touchscreen help to enhance workflow efficiency while reducing the need for skilled operators.

MultiScan 527g

A user interface based on 2 buttons and three-color LEDs.  Navigating the system is intuitive and efficient.

Palm Scanner MultiScan527 Datasheet

Thales Palm Scanner MultiScan527-527g Datasheet.pdf


Understanding that each client has unique requirements, we collaborate to find the perfect solution within your budget to achieve your desired goals. 


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IriUniverse is a dual iris scanner designed for biometric enrollment. Having multiple iris scanners in the kit allows for simultaneous enrollment of individuals further streamlining the process smoothly.

This module is certified by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and is integrated into the enrollment kit to provide location data during the enrollment process. GPS technology used to track the location.

This dual iris scanner that captures iris images for biometric identification. Iris scanning is a reliable method for unique identification and the dual scanner enhances accuracy and speed in enrollment.

This face camera used for capturing facial images during enrollment. Facial recognition technology is employed for identity verification and authentication purposes, complementing other biometric data captured.

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