BS20 Fingerprint Scanner

The BS20 Fingerprint Scanner is an exceptionally secure optical USB 2.0 device, designed to meet FAP20 standards for biometric authentication. This scanner is ideally suited for a wide range of identification programs offering robust and reliable security solutions.

Unaffected by Ambient  Lighting

Supports Windows, Linux and Android

Dust & Water  Resistant



•  Intuitive system requires no training

•  Superior & High speed Single FP capture

•  Light weight & Supports  Automatic detection

•  Automatic FP Capture

•  Quick Authentication for large scale programs

• Meets UIDAI Compliance and exceeds ISO 19794-6 standard

•  Resident Authentication

•  ID document issuance

•  Law enforcement

•  Large scale ID Authentication

•  e-KYC application


Initialization of device (INIT)

Click start capture to start live preview

Finger Captured automatically and Saved in 'D drive\image ' Folder

SDK Link for BS20

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