BioEnable AI32: Advanced Face Attendance & Access Control Biometric Solutions

Enhance Security with the Latest AI Based Face Recognition Time Attendance & Access Control System

BioEnable AI32 Face Recognition Terminal an advanced Time Attendance & Access Control System equipped with cutting-edge face recognition technology. This system ensures unparalleled accuracy in face detection and recognition making it an ideal solution for various security and attendance management needs.

With support for Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), the AI32 excels in all lighting conditions, including high-light, low-light, and back-light environments. Whether it's day or night, indoors or outdoors, rest assured that this system delivers consistent performance. One of its standout features is the ability to capture a stranger's photo in real-time if detected by the camera enhancing security measures. Additionally, the system supports a lock screen feature requiring users to touch the screen to activate it adding an extra layer of security.

BioEnable AI32 Face and RFID Time Attendance and Access Control System seamlessly integrates face recognition technology with RFID capabilities providing a comprehensive solution for attendance tracking and access control. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace the future of attendance management with this state-of-the-art device.

Face Biometric Attendance System & Smart Access Control System for every organization’s needs

Attendance Management

Transparent end to end attendance management data of all employees


Capture accurate time tracking data against clients projects and activities

Employee Engagement

Different dashboard and view based on different roles in the organization

Superior Face Recognition

Superior Face Recognition capabilities in any environment

Top level security

Provides top level security to safeguard your premises and assets

Easy Reports

Simple process of accessing attendance and access control  logs data

Support WDR (wide dynamic range) with good performance under strong light, dark light and backlight environment.

BioEnable AI32 Biometric Face Attendance  & Access Control Machine

Technical Specification

BioEnable AI32: Versatile device serving as a comprehensive face recognition and access control solution. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it functions seamlessly as a face recognition system, face detection system and attendance management system. This device serves as a Face attendance system, Face recognition device and Biometric face recognition tool ensuring accurate and efficient authentication processes. Additionally it operates as a Face recognition door access system, Face recognition access control terminal, and Face recognition access control reader enhancing security measures. With its multifunctionality as a Face access control device and Attendance face recognition system, it's a top choice for Access control system face recognition needs. Experience advanced features and seamless integration with the BioEnable AI32. 

Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Devices

Biometric Face Attendance Solution

UBio-X Face our state of the art face access control and time attendance terminal. With powerful facial recognition capabilities, this innovative device accurately identifies faces from up to 3 meters away. Experience seamless authentication.

Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro the cutting edge face authentication system featuring the world's highest performance facial recognition algorithm. This advanced solution is equipped with a high-definition camera for lightning-fast matching speed.

Iris & Fingerprint Recognition System

UBio-X Iris the cutting edge access control and time attendance terminal offering exceptional iris recognition capabilities. With a remarkable range of up to 50cm, UBio-X Iris provides fast and accurate authentication.

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

UBio-X Slim the powerful fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal with advanced features. This slim device is equipped with a high-performance Quad-Core CPU, 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB flash memory for fast authentication processing.

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