UBio-X Face Premium

UBio-X Face Premium

Walk-Through method 8” Premium Face Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Face Premium provides slim and compact size with 8“ LCD screen and walk-through face recognition.

Powered by the Latest Face Recognition Algorithm

UBio-X Face Premium is powered by the latest face recognition algorithms and provides you with walk thru function. When users walk-through the gates, face detection and authentication is done at a distance up to 4 meters.

* Various Biometric Authentication Method

– Gate Authentication : Face authentication from a distance up to 4 meters when users walk through gates

– Multi Authentication : multi face authentication at the same time when users walk through gates

A Wide Range of Authentication Options

Integration with Fingerprint and QR recognition sensor (UBio-X FQR), it offers a wide range of authentication options including face, fingerprint, QR code, mobile access card and more. Authentication method can be selected according to the user’s needs providing users with high security level and easy of use.

Fingerprint and QR Recognition Sensor

UBio-X FQR (Optional)



Mobile Key


QR Code


Contactless Solution for a New Era with

Liveness Face Detection and Anti-Spoofing Function

UBio-X Face Premium meets the needs of user liveness detection even wearing a mask and prevents attempts with fake faces such as 3D face mask, face photo, and face printed paper.

Integration with Thermal Module

UBio-X Face Premium can integrate with  a thermal module and measures user’s body temperature. In case of fever, the user will be denied to access and the log data recorded on the server.

Real-time Mask Detection Function

UBio-X Face Premium detects user’s face mask. In case users are not wearing any masks or wearing improperly, access denied the and the device warns users to wear mask right.

Various Applications

UBio-X Face Premium featured with high security, safe and convenient options can be used in various fields such as financial, government office, military unit and more.



Government office

Military unit

Unmanned store