BioEnable SmartSuite Software is a Web based Time Attendance Software and a Complete HRMS Solution. Being a web based attendance system, SmartSuite Software can be used by organizations needing a robust online attendance management System. Using our attendance software, organizations are able to simplify their HR process by addressing following concerns -[fancylist]

  • How to manage company data ?
  • How to manage employee records ? How to make these records available anytime for manipulation ?
  • How to manage attendance records ? How to deal with employee absenteeism ?
  • How to implement an effective leave management system for employees?
  • How to devise a system for shift management ?
  • How to get reports as I need? How to get them customized?
  • How to have a complete HRMS solution for my organization ?


Our attendance software is here to solve all your HR problems including the above concerns. The only thing we are not able to provide at present is an inbuilt payroll system. But we allow our software integration with the third party payroll applications. And hopefully very soon, we will have an integrated payroll system in our attendance software itself as we believe this is one of the most important requirement with any HRMS application.

Prominent features of SmartSuite Software – Web based Attendance Software

  • Web based Attendance System
  • Complete HRMS
  • Biometric Device Integration
  • Windows/Linux Compatible
  • Available in Lite/Pro Versions
  • Easily Customizable
  • Online Demo Available

SmartSuite Attendance Software – Evaluation/Demo and Licensed Version

SmartSuite Software is available in two versions – Demo/Evaluation Version and Paid Licensed Version. The demo version is a test version of the attendance software. The demo version is limited to just 5 users/employees but has all available features as the paid licensed version. You can evaluate our demo version before making a decision on the paid licensed version. You can evaluate our attendance software by either downloading and installing the evaluation package of the attendance software on your PC or by testing out the online demo of the software.

SmartSuite Software and Biometric Device Integration

Apart from manual time attendance recording, smartsuite software also allows for automatic attendance update by enabling your biometric attendance device to be integrated with our attendance software. Once the integration is successful, the logs are  updated automatically in the software at the specified time intervals. Thus, device integration enables you to reduce manual interference in the software which in turn saves time and increases productivity amongst your employees.

biometric device integration

Biometric Devices Support

SmartSuite Software is highly flexible and so it is easier for us to provide customizations in the software. You can let us know about your customization requirements and we assure you to provide the same within the given time duration. You can send your inquiries for the same here –

Also, we have rolled out mobile application for the same smartsuite software. SmartSuite-M is the mobile version of the smartsuite software. Details related to the same can be found here on this page – SmartSuite-M Mobile Attendance Software

For more information on smartsuite software and other related details, please visit the product main site hereSmartSuite Time Attendance Software

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