BioEnable SmartSuite Employee Monitoring Software

Most advanced AI-based Remote Workforce Management & Employee Monitoring solution for work-at-home compliance and security.

BioEnable Smartsuite Staff Attendance & Monitoring System

BioEnable has also come up with the Artificial Intelligence based Facial Recognition Solution for real-time Attendance and Desktop Monitoring to improve work efficiency for Work From Home, during the lockdown. Following are the major components of the system

  • Desktop Monitoring tools
  • Cloud based Dashboards and Reports
  • Compatible with windows and Linux
Desktop Monitoring and AI based Work Recognition Technology
  • Central Bot based screen grabber, captures screens from all computers
  • Processes the screens through a AI based processor
  • All computers are installed with agents
  • Upload these screens to the server in realtime
  • Web based interface to access these screens any time
  • Remote access can be taken, Can send OS commands
  • Agents support Windows 8 and above, Linux(Ubuntu 14 and above) OS
  • User management to create multiple teams
  • Team heads can manage respective Team’s desktops
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