Smart City

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Integrated Solid Waste Management Solution

Integrated Solid Waste Management.pdf
Fleet Management System - SWM.pdf
BioEnable - Route Optimization.ppt.pdf
Smart Bin Sensors.pdf
Intelligent Public Transport Management System.pdf
Smart Traffic Management System ANPR.pdf
Parking Management.pdf
Mobile Data Terminal.pdf
Door Controller.pdf
Integrated Command Control Center.pdf

Other Smart City Modules

Emergency Response Box.pdf
Public Address System.pdf
Smart Environment Monitoring System.pdf
Data Center Monitoring System.pdf
Smart City Solution.pdf
Variable Message Display System .pdf

Energy Management Solutions

Long Range RFID Solutions.pptx.pdf

Workforce Management Solutions


Health Care Solutions

BioBaby - Wireless + Footprint Solution.pdf

Cattle Management and Tracking Solutions

Cattle Tracking and Management Solution.pdf
ISO 27001-2013.pdf
ISO 9001-2015.pdf
ISO 14001 - 2015.pdf
BioEnable-Portfolio 2018.pdf
BioEnable Corporate Profile with Sector Wise Offering.pdf

Identification solutions

Tracking solutions

Automation solutions

BioEnable Smart City Solution