Facts about Biometric Access Control System

The biometric access control system refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. It is used as a form of identification or an access system. In most biometric systems, physiological characteristics of a person is used for its identification like, voice, DNA, iris orretinal scan and hand print. A biometric control system will only require the user to provide the respective identification needed (e.g. voicerecognition, iris or retinal scan and hand print), and then it will be matched to the stored image to verify its identity. The system ties a unique physiologic attribute of a user to a certain data which they are allowed to access. The most common biometric control system is the use of fingerprints, but lately retinal and iris scans, facial or voice recognition is also available. This kind of control system is more convenient than that of the use of swipe identification cards. Swipe identification cards are more costly compared to biometric access control system. Biometric access control system is way safer than just swiping identification cards. For the reason that, swipe cards can be easily stolen and the person who possess it can easily acquire its identity if the card is not yet blocked. Unlike the use of unique physical features, these features are impossible to be taken from you.

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