Door Controller

Introduction BioEnable door controller is a single door and can manage up to 8 doors access control panel. Each door controller access control panel is recommended to come with a power...

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Palm Vein Authentication

Palm vein authentication is a process in which the patterns of a palm vein are scanned and enrolled with the palm vein authentication system database. After the successful enrolment, the...

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Finger Vein Recognition

Finger vein recognition is a system in which, instead of fingerprints, vein pattern of a finger is used for the identification of an individual. The technology of finger vein recognition...

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Palm Vein scanner india

Fujitsu Palm Vein Technology

Fujitsu palm vein technology uses palm vein patterns that are underneath the skin to identify a person. With the help of Fujitsu palm vein technology, the requirement of fingers or...

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