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Introduction – Biometrics Enrollment kits

Biometric Enrollment Kits (or Fingerprint Enrollment Kit) are used to enroll large groups of people for certain schemes mostly promoted by Government & NGOs. They are used widely for enrolling citizens by local or central government organizations, National ID projects , World bank and UNESCO schemes.

Who can use Biometric Enrollment Kit ?


  • State / Federal Government schemes
  • National / Citizen ID schemes
  • Subsidies / Benefit programs
  • Universities & Educational institutes
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • Healthcare schemes

Why use Biometrics Enrollment Kit ?

Tax payers, Philanthropic organizations and Investigation agencies have often raised doubts if the money being financed is reaching the right people. Several research reports exist  that mention that only 10% of the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries.

Various organizations found Biometric technology to be very useful to resolve these concerns. Biometric Enrollment Kits allow them to register intended beneficiaries with their Biometric identification and later use it which giving benefits.  Biometric Enrollment Kits ensure correct verification of the intended beneficiaries and give confidence to the financing organizations that their money is being rightly spent.


What are the contents of a Biometrics Enrollment Kits ?

Biometric Enrollement  Kit

Biometric UID kit
























Most of the Biometric Enrollment Kits are custom assembled for customer requirements. Most of the Kits will contain.


  1. A Computer Desktop or Laptop
  2. One or more Biometric Capture devices for Fingerprint, Iris, Face, Palm vein etc.
  3. Camera for capturing photographs or documents
  4. Enrollment software that will ask for detailed information about an individual including documents
  5. Wireless Modem (GPRS/3G/4G) to connect to a central server to upload enrolled users
  6. Printer to provide a proof of registration or receipt


BioEnable Biometric Enrollment Kits

BioEnable offer wide range of Biometric Enrollment Kits for different applications

  • UIDAI Aadhaar Enrollment Kit: BioEnable is certified supplier for UIDAI Aadhaar products. Our UIDAI Aadhaar kits consist of certified Slap Fingerprint Scanner (Ten print Scanner) and Dual Iris recognition device along with laptop and other accessories.
  • Baby Footprint Enrollment Kit: This kit is a unique product offered by BioEnable with a Scanner that can scan the Newborn baby footprint along with photographs and fingerprint of their parents making an right association between Parents and Child at the time of Birth. This system is used to prevent exchange or theft of infants from hospitals.
  • Candidate enrollment Kits: Large organization & educational institutes find it difficult to manage application by the candidates for admission, examination and interviews. Its often covered by media that people use proxy to improve their results. Biometric Candidate enrollment Kits help them prevent this.


Other Solutions

  • Multi-Biometric Enrollment Kits
  • Biometrics Registration Kit
  • Biometric Verification Kit
  • Mobile Biometric Enrollment / Registration Kit
  • Child ID Kits
  • National ID Enrollment Kit
  • Fingerprint enrollment kits
  • Iris scanning enrollment kit
  • Face recognition enrollment kit
  • Palm Vein enrollment kit